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The Finest Sealers Available

Easy-to-Use Premium Quality Contractor Grade Products Formulated Especially for New & Existing Concrete, Pavers, Brick, Retaining Walls, Masonry, Manufactured and Natural Stone Surfaces.

Ask a dealer near you which sealer and cleaner is best for your project

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Why seal your pavers, concrete slabs or masonry surfaces?

  • Extends the life of your hardscape

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Protects your hardscape surfaces against penetrating stains

  • Helps to prevent tire marks

  • Inhibits weed growth in paver joints

  • Resists moss formation

  • Reduces ultraviolet damage from the sun

  • Helps prevent the infestation of insects

  • Inhibits efflorescence (the whitish powdery substance often seen on paving stones)

GST Family of Fine Sealers and Cleaners

“Our commitment to our customers is to create the best possible products using only the finest raw materials available.”
– Jim Glessner, President


Global Sealer Technologies is a leader in the development and manufacture of innovative and advanced chemical products for the enhancement, protection and maintenance of all concrete, masonry and natural stone surfaces.

Our professional staff has a combined industry experience of over 100 years, from laboratory design to field application.
We continue to provide the marketplace with cost effective solutions for the construction industry, as well as for maintenance and restoration, with unparalleled knowledge and technical support.

Global Sealer Technologies is dedicated to serving our customers’ needs through education and the development of the latest technologies for the advancement of our product lines.


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