The Finest Sealers Available

Why Seal Your Pavers, Concrete Slabs or Masonry Surfaces?

  • Extends the life of your hardscape

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Protects your hardscape surfaces against penetrating stains

  • Helps to prevent tire marks

  • Inhibits weed growth in joints between pavers

  • Resists moss formation

  • Reduces ultraviolet damage from the sun

  • Helps to prevent the infestation of insects

  • Inhibits efflorescence (the whitish powdery substance often seen on paving stones)

Choose an Invisible or Appearance Enhancing Sealer

Appearance Enhancing Sealers:

Solvent-Based Sealers

  • High Gloss Wet Look Lacquer

  • Low sheen Wet Look Lacquer

Water-Based Sealers

  • Lock ‘N Seal

  • Satin Seal

  • Stone Enhance

  • Final Coat

Invisible Sealers:

  • Water Block

  • Stain Block Elite


Note: Only apply sealers after the surface is clean and thoroughly dry.

GST Family of Fine Sealers and Cleaners

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