Stain Block Elite

Stain Block Elite

Stain Block Elite is a state-of-the-art penetrating sealer that is equally effective on porous and dense surfaces such as concrete, natural stone and masonry.

  • Stain Block Elite is a state of the art, water and stain resistant, penetrating fluoropolymer impregnating sealer. It has been specifically designed for porous to dense concrete, brick, natural and manufactured stone surfaces. When dry it is virtually invisible, leaving the surface with its original appearance and breathability. It resists oil and grease stains, rust stains, moss, mildew and spalling problems associated with freeze/thaw cycles. Stain Block Elite provides superior protection against moisture penetration, thereby reducing the formation of efflorescence.

    Stain Block Elite chemically bonds with the silicates present in the surface, forming an insoluble barrier that will not fade, yellow, crack or peel. It is highly alkaline resistant and designed for use on dense surfaces such as: marble, granite, limestone, travertine, polished or tumbled stones, concrete, brick, pavers, slate, precast concrete, tile and manufactured and natural stone. It is easy to apply and fast drying. Commonly used in both commercial and residential applications, i.e.: dining, food preparation and serving areas.


    • Water-based, solvent free and low odor
    • Excellent penetration, long lasting
    • Interior and exterior use
    • Repels gas, oil and grease
    • No change to surface appearance
    • Silicone free, re-coatable
    • Easy application and fast drying
    • Water and stain resistant
    • 3-5% color densification
    • Now available in 1 quart size


    • Meets or exceeds Federal EPA standards for VOC compliance.
    • Meets or exceeds South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, for VOC compliance of less than 100g/l  required by the State of California.

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