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Elephant Armor® Videos

In this video, Jim Glessner is on a job site in Reno Nevada where the city is repairing a badly spalled sidewalk on a bridge. Jim describes what Elephant Armor® is and how the city of Reno saved time and money using Elephant Armor®.  

Elephant Armor® was used to repair 16,000 sq. ft. of degraded warehouse floor. The installation was completed in sections allowing for uninterrupted use of the warehouse saving 80% of the original remove and replace estimate.

Here we see Elephant Armor® proving once again how it can save valuable time and money making repairs to airport taxiways and runways. Instead of removing and replacing a 20’ x 20’ x 18” thick concrete panel, Elephant Armor® was used to restore and extend the lifecycle of a badly cracked panel at a fraction of the cost.


This dangerous trip and fall hazard was eliminated with Elephant Armor® without deconstruction, saving time, money and minimizing the disruption of service.

In this video, we see the amazing versatility of Elephant Armor® in a variety of applications where a new lifecycle is achieved while also reducing repair costs by as much as 50% and also significantly reducing the time of repair.

Due to Elephant Armor's patented formulation, care must be taken to ensure a homogeneous mix. In this video, Jim demonstrates the best method for mixing Elephant Armor® in half the time.

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