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Surface Armor™ Concrete & Asphalt Resurfacing System

The Ultimate Thin-mil Concrete & Asphalt Resurfacing System
Surface Armor™ System
Surface Armor Silos.png
  • Surface Armor™ Mortar
  • EA Primer
  • Ecobeton® Vetrofluid®

   • Fills and hides small spalls and cracks.
   • Brings surfaces back to a ‘like new’ appearance.
   • Significantly increases lifecycle of applied surface.
   • Accepts Color Pigments.
   • Can be finished smooth or textured.
   • Fast and easy to apply.
   • Interior and exterior use, including drive surfaces.
   • Can be applied over concrete or asphalt.
   • Can be applied to vertical surfaces.
   • Extremely abrasion resistant.

Walkways, curbs, ramps, slabs, spalls, cracks, airports, bridges, ICF walls, parking structures, tunnels, dams, malls, industrial plants or anywhere a high strength concrete re-surfacing material is called for.

GST International’s Surface Armor™ System is a polymer modified, thin-mil single component, two-coat cement based resurfacing system for use on existing concrete or asphalt surfaces. Surface Armor™ contains an ultra-fine aggregate and can be applied as a smooth or textured finish. Surface Armor™ can be applied with a roller, trowel, GST Squeegee Trowel or most types of spray equipment.


Surface Armor™ is a structural micro-topping for resurfacing concrete and asphalt, including heavy vehicular applications. Surface Armor™ readily accepts liquid and powder pigments. For best results when adding a pigment, do a test on a small area to ensure desired tint and tone.  


It can also accept paint after installation and the final application of Ecobeton®- USA Vetrofluid®.  (

The Surface Armor™ System includes Surface Armor™, EA Primer and the Ecobeton®- USA Vetrofluid®.  (

The Surface Armor™ System requires the application of Ecobeton®- USA Vetrofluid® which allows it to sustain heavy use, including vehicular traffic. (

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Technical Data Sheet



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