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In situations where the area to be repaired is significantly deteriorated, the use of Ecobeton®-USA Vetrofluid® is recommended to restore the stability and integrity of the substrate. Here’s more information about the application of Vetrofluid® in the concrete repair process:

Initial Application: Prior to the application of Elephant Armor® repair material, it is advised to apply Ecobeton®-USA Vetrofluid® to the severely degraded area. Vetrofluid® is designed to penetrate and strengthen the substrate, providing improved stability and durability. The application of Vetrofluid® helps restore the structural integrity of the damaged substrate, creating a solid foundation for the subsequent repair.

Curing Time: After applying Vetrofluid®, it is essential to allow sufficient time for it to cure. A minimum curing period of 48 hours is recommended to ensure the Vetrofluid® properly sets and establishes its strengthening properties. This curing time allows the Vetrofluid® to bond with the substrate and develop its desired characteristics.

Elephant Armor® Repair: Once the Vetrofluid® has cured, the Elephant Armor® repair can be carried out. Follow the instructions provided for the Elephant Armor® product to prepare and apply the repair material to the damaged area.

Final Coat of Vetrofluid®: After the Elephant Armor® repair has fully cured, it is advisable to apply another light coat of Vetrofluid®. This additional application of Vetrofluid® helps further enhance the longevity of the repair. It provides an extra layer of protection and strengthens the bond between the repair material and the substrate.

By using Ecobeton®-USA Vetrofluid® in the concrete repair process, you can effectively restore the stability and integrity of severely degraded areas. The initial application of Vetrofluid® prepares the substrate for the repair, while the final coat ensures a long-lasting and durable repair solution. Following these recommendations and allowing adequate curing time is crucial for achieving optimal results.

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Using Ecobeton®-USA Vetrofluid
to enhance the performance of Elephant Armor®

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