EA Overlay Primer

EA Overlay Primer

Elephant Armor® Overlay Primer (pink in color) is a ready to use, re-wettable polyvinyl acetate (PVA) bonding agent, which bonds Elephant Armor® mortars to properly prepared concrete, and between Elephant Armor® lifts. Elephant Armor® Overlay Primer can also be used for bonding to wood and EPS foam.

Recommended for interior and exterior use that is not subjected to constant moisture, hydrostatic pressure or continuous water saturation.

  • Elephant Armor® Overlay Primer meets ASTM C 1059-13, Type l Latex Agents for Bonding Fresh to Hardened Concrete.

    For Use With:

    Elephant Armor® Ultra High Performance Mortar/Overlay,  DOT Industrial Grade Mortar, Asphalt Repair & Micro-Trenching Reinstatement Material

    • Re-emulsifiable / Rewettable
    • Excellent bonding agent/ superior adhesive strength
    • Can be used when there is a delay between Primer application and Elephant Armor® overlay
    • Clean up with soap and water
    • Indoor or outdoor applications
    • VOC Compliant Nationwide• Meets ASTM C1059-13, Type I Latex Agents for Bonding Fresh to Hardened Concrete.